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Community Hams

Net Protocol
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"This is [callsign] calling the Bear-lake Emergency Amateur Radio Service NET." "Your net control tonight is: [name]." "This net meets on 147.120 MegaHertz with a 123.0 Hertz PL every Saturday at 2000 hours local time for emergency training and other purposes."

"This is a directed net, all communications shall be directed by net control. Stations are requested to stay on frequency until the net is secured. Stations that need to leave before the net ends should request to secure from net control"

"This net is sponsored by the Bear-lake Emergency Amateur Radio Service."

"All amateur radio operators are welcome to participate, 'BREAK' (wait for courtesy beeps and about 5 seconds for breaking stations)"

"Is there any emergency traffic before we begin the net?"

(Log any emergency traffic and make sure traffic is handled. Continue asking for emergency traffic until there is no response.)

"Is there an alternate net control on frequency?"

"The alternate net control for this net is [alt net callsign].

"Are there stations with announcements for the net?" (Log the stations with announcements and tell them you will call them at end of roll call. Continue asking for announcement traffic until there is no response.)

"Are there any mobile stations to check in?"

(Log any mobile stations. Continue asking for mobile traffic until there is no response.)

"BEARS member check-ins will now be taken in alphabetic order by callsign."

(Call each callsign in alpha order by just saying the callsign then pause 5 seconds for a response - See Member List) (Remember to pause and identify regularly - ID with your callsign every 10 min MAX.) (Call back any stations with announcments.)

"Are there any late check-ins."
(Log late check-ins. Continue asking for check-in traffic until there is no response.)

"Are there any other comments for the net tonight?" (Log any comments. Continue asking for comments until there is no response.)

"This has been a regular session of the Bear-lake Emergency Amateur Radio Service NET. I thank all stations for their participation. The net is now closed and the repeater is returned to regular amateur radio use. This is [name -callsign ] saying 73 and good evening."
Bears Members
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Alan Eborn AC7TJ
Stephen Kunz K7KWX
Eldon Kearl K7OGM
Jan Kearl KB7QDA
Steven Hill KD7EMT
Jonathan Carver KD7GLS
Deby Eborn KD7RJR
David Turner KD7VGA
Griff Lloyd KE7CRU
Steven Nate KE7IXL
Vickie Nate KE7JKL
Keven Nield KE7LVH
Jocelyn Nield KE7LVI
Sara Lusk KG7ANW
John Lusk KG7ANX
Linda Roberts KG7JSO
Mikel McNeal KG7LNS
Curtis McKinney KJ7ZAU
Jacob Lufkin KK7ISL
Brian Menasco KK7JFQ
Scott Esquibel KK7JGF
Emma Carver KK7JHN
Alishia Esquibel KM7ETZ
Bob Lucas W4WBG
Mark Pope W7MCP

Regular Guest Check In's